Best Web Design For Real Estate Websites

A masterfully designed real estate website can get good results. Websites do not only represent a company’s online presence but they also reinforce a good reputation especially if it is expertly made. Web designers are always looking for cool ways to make a website not only user friendly but attractive as well. For web designers and the website owners a great website is a great way to attract clients and boost online presence. Here are some of the hottest trends in real estate web design.

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1. Full Screen Backgrounds

In the early days of web design the usual way to “decorate” a website was to include attractive photos of modern homes in Scottsdale, Tampa and Houston for example. Today this is considered as dated and designers now turn to full screen background videos to capture the audience’s attention. This usually features a background that fills the user’s screen with minimal content overlaid on top. The videos immediately sell the brand and can be made to be changed so that your website’s look is always fresh.

2. Flat Design

The flat design will continue to be trendy and dominate many real estate websites. This is because this classic minimalistic look will never go out of style. It is to the point without lots of fuss excellent for users with slow internet connection. The flat design will look good in the future as it is neat and showcases only the most important elements of the site. Flat icons are also looking to stay and are gaining popularity. This style design is also being used by big companies like Apple and Coca-Cola

3. Scroll

Many websites are switching to scrolling instead of clicking pages. This is because many internet users are now turning to using smartphones and other similar gadgets when viewing websites. The scroll websites is much easier to view on smartphones and tablets and allows for more dynamic interaction. It also has a story telling vibe to it which makes it attractive for new audiences.

4. Simple Search Bars

It cannot be denied that websites that many audiences favor the uncluttered look. Sites that feature simple search bars are easy to use and direct to the point. It also allows clients to begin searching for modern homes in major cities such as Las Vegas with ease. This type of site also decreases confusion in users.

5. Go Mobile

As more and more people use smartphones and gadgets to access websites, designers should also incorporate mobile designs in real estate websites. Mobile friendly websites load faster and contain the essential information a user needs. Giving prospective clients a mobile friendly experience will not only boost reputation but possibly traffic and conversion as well.

How Web Designers Can Benefit From Exercise

Web Designers work hard but sit in front of their computers 10 to 16 hours a day. Many of them make a lot of money doing so but in return their health suffers due to lack of physical activity. According to studies sitting can cause health issues such as high blood pressure and obesity. To combat these diseases designers just like all office workers should take time to exercise and work out. Most companies have gyms and quality fitness equipment like weights, treadmills, rowing machines and at the office ellipticals so it’s just a matter of using them. Exercise can be used to:

Wake Up

Jumpstart your workout routine with some cardio exercises. 30 minutes on the elliptical is a good way to get the blood flowing. Increased blood flow to the brain can raise your levels of awareness so you get to the office clear headed and ready to tackle the day. This is a better alternative to waking up to a cup of coffee.

Free-up Evenings

Working out in the morning means that you can have the evenings for yourself. Sure, you need to wake up early but if it’s for your health and if it will wake you up that’s enough incentive for many people. Designers often work late into the night so getting the workout out of the way means you won’t feel guilty about missing a workout day.

Burn Fat

Sitting in a chair is not a good way to burn fat. In fact it is the opposite. In most cases, fat gets stored due to our sedentary lifestyles. Exercising through cardio, weight lifting or jogging can help burn fat stores. When this happens you will immediately notice that you will look slimmer and lose weight especially when paired with a proper diet.

Gain More Energy

It seems unbelievable but exercise is a good way to get more energy. If you feel tired in the middle of the afternoon perhaps a 30 minute jog on the treadmill at the gym can wake you up. The increased blood flow tricks the brain to thinking that you are full of energy. Bring some gym clothes with you at work and find a good gym nearby to take advantage of this.

Be Alert

Web Designers make a lot of decisions every day. When it comes to tough ones being alert and 100% present can mean better decisions when it comes to websites and web development. Exercise can help boost alertness levels. Because there is more blood in the brain it has more oxygen making you think more clearly.

Web designers, Bankers and lawyers tend to be some of the most stressed professionals today. Many of these people are still young and have families. Taking care of one’s physical health can mean better quality of life and more time to spend with family members and friends.

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3 Easy Tips On How To Become Better At Web Design

If you want to become a better web designer, you should know that such things do not happen overnight.  Even though people would like to become especially talented and good in a short period of time, it often takes years to progress and develop web design skills.

This is partially due to the fact that not only inspiration makes a good web designer, but also you need to accumulate a sufficient amount of experience, knowledge and projects, in order to call yourself a successful web designer. Much like professional weight training – it requires diligence and an unyielding desire to succeed.

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However, if you would like to become the best you can be in a very short period of time (for tech, not strength training – to get ripped quick you need to check out Strongplusfit – that won’t help here), perhaps you should take some of the following advice, since they will most certainly help you to achieve the goal of becoming a successful web designer.



Find Your Inspiration!

If you want to be successful at your future designs, it is essential that you find inspiration.  At first it might be difficult for you to find inspiration, however, later on, you will see it everywhere.  The most successful web designers do not copy other people’s work, but the rather get inspired by it and create something completely different, unique and special on their very own.  You can also find inspiration in nature, by observing it patiently.  The nature is often the key inspiration for many web designers, especially when it comes to its shapes and colors.  In time you will master the skill all been a patient observer of nature and things around you, and you will learn how to get true inspiration from them.


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Criticize Everything!

Even though it is often not good to be too critical in life, when it comes to web design, criticizing your own as well as other people’s work, means that you are able to contemplate and distinguish between a good and a bad design.  This is most certainly a skill that needs time to develop, and in time you will become better at it.  This time you see a design that you like trying analyzing it to see why it appeals to you.  Also, if you happen to come across a design that you think is particularly bad, try working out what makes this design off-putting.  Furthermore, try to be critical not only to other people’s work, but also your own.  This skill will definitely help you recognize a good design when you see one, and ultimately it will help you to become a better web designer.


Keep It Simple!

Often, you will find that the best designs are the simplest.  If you want to enhance your web design skills, make sure that you try to keep it simple, since it will contribute to your designing skills.  Furthermore, if you paid too much attention to details, you risk getting lost in your web design, and making it tacky.  By keeping your designs simple and clean-cut, you are making a better impression on your clients, as well as future clients, and as someone who is goal-oriented and well organized with their designing skills.